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Topics in Learning Technology - stephaniecappsdyke.comThis week, I contributed a piece to the Instructional Design Industry blog called The Case Against Video-Based Instruction. Nothing like a little controversy in the ID world, huh? We’re some bad mama-jamas when it comes to our highly-charged and divisive beliefs! (in case you lost your sense of humor, FYI: I’m dabbling in sarcasm and hyperbole here)

Topics in Learning Tech - the case against video - stephaniecappsdyke.comBut on a serious note, I’d really like to know what folks think about video-based instruction. I can imagine my colleagues are split on this topic, but what about learners? What do they say?

I’ve had feedback that runs the gamut from: “omg! give me videos, I don’t have time for reading and worksheets and all that stuff!” to “Video is distracting sometimes. I’d like to see other kinds of multi-media and off-line activities in my training.” to “My computer is old and crappy. I like video but it causes my 486SX to take a dirt nap.”

Moments after sending in my piece to the IDI blog, I stumbled upon a super SlideShare by Allen Communication called Why Rich Media Matters. Great minds think alike, I suppose.

</shameless self-promotion.>

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